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It is with great pleasure and honor that we welcome you to the NSBE Houston Professionals chapter!


The NSBE Houston Professionals chapter intends to continue to build on its accomplishments and excellence in alignment with the NSBE mission. We want to continue our commitment to serving our community, developing our professionals, and mentoring our youth. We will continue to create innovate programs to ensure quality content is provided during these uncertain times. Whether you are a  long standing member, or recently joined, we are here to ensure you enjoy this journey with us.


I look forward to meeting and connecting with each of you either virtually or in person at an upcoming event.  Even with these unprecedented times among us, together we will have a great NSBE year!


The purpose of PCI is to encourage minority youth to attend college and to open their eyes to S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) related fields.

Professional Development

We provide opportunities for our members to network with other Houston area professionals and learn various skills that will help them in their career and personal lives.


Our CI programs help to enhance various skill sets of students in preparation of entering the professional workforce.

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