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Thanks for visiting our NSBE Houston Professional Programs Zone! We are continuously striving to bring memorable programs to children, collegiate, and professionals. U.S. Department of Education statistics show that STEM occupations are growing at a rate of 17%, for comparison, other occupations grow at a rate of 9.8%. Not to mention, that STEM degree holders have higher earning power over their lifetime.  These metrics profoundly reflect how important our programs matter.

Divided into three branches: Pre-Collegiate Initiative, Collegiate Initiative, and Professional Development, our programs touch more than one generation of minds during key stages of maturation. Our primary goal is to always do our best at achieving NSBE’s mission. Thanks again for your time, we look forward to serving you and the Houston community.

Mikaela Dulan
Programs Chair, NSBE Houston Professionals


The purpose of PCI is to encourage minority youth to attend college and to open their eyes to S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) related fields.

Professional Development

We provide opportunities for our members to network with other Houston area professionals and learn various skills that will help them in their career and personal lives.


Our CI programs help to enhance various skill sets of students in preparation of entering the professional workforce.

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