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Vice President of Programs

Qua Thomas


Qua Thomas is the Vice​ President of Programs.

Qua is a qualified Software Developer and Cloud Administrator who holds a BS in Computer Science and MS in Information Technology both from the University of South Florida.

Qua works in the Oil and Gas industry, having spent 2 years at Chevron as a Cloud Engineer where he Designs and Implements automation systems for cloud computing resources.

Qua’s goal this year as Membership Chair is to increase member engagement and retention in order to foster an environment that allows the chapter to grow organically.

Qua has been a member of NSBE for 6 years and what makes NSBE great to him is that it creates a space for Black men and women to be themselves while pursuing greatness in their careers and communities.

In his spare time, Qua enjoys exercising, learning, and traveling.

To contact Qua, please email

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