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Public Relations Chair

Courtney Martin

Courtney Martin is the Public Relations Chair for NSBE Houston Professionals and leads/manages the creation and distributions of marketing materials and publications to assist in communicating the NSBE Houston Professional activities, programs and events.


Courtney is certified/qualified in Six Sigma Yellow Belt who holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Southern University A&M College.

Courtney works in industrial gas having spent 3 years in as the Senior Compliance Engineer for Air Liquide Large Industries North America, where she develops Technical Documents specific to the safe operation, sustainability and maintainability of Industrial Gas Processes and systems. She is responsible for the supervision of capital projects required for the integration of these new standards.

Courtney's goal this year as Public Relations Chair is to improve NSBE relationships with universities, businesses and other non-profits while staying engaged with our members by creating articles and using tools to advertise our programs and initiatives.


Courtney has been a member of NSBE for 2 years and what makes NSBE great to her is the impact to positively influence people of all ages who have interest in advancing their education in STEM Programs and opportunities.


In her spare time, Courtney enjoys volunteering and socializing with friends and family.

To contact Courtney please email

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