Vice President

Mikaela Dulan

Mikaela Dulan is the Vice President for NSBE Houston Professionals. She leads the membership zone and is responsible for gaining and retaining our members!


Mikaela earned a BS. in Electrical Engineering from Prairie View A&M University and has worked for Chevron as a Facilities Engineer for 6 years.  She started her career as a Subsea Electrical Engineer and is now a Subsea Equipment Engineer for Major Capitol Projects.


Mikaela's goal this year as Vice-President is to empower members to become valuable assets to their organizations and industries, expand their professional network, as well as reach new heights in their personal development journeys. She plans to accomplish this by hosting events that share strategies for improving work performance, strengthening professional brands, navigating the corporate world, and overcoming career challenges. 


Mikaela’s been a NSBE member for 9 years! She loves NSBE‘s familial culture and it’s black excellence that enables professionals to live their best life!


In her spare time, Mikaela  enjoys brunch, comedy, traveling, movies, and trying new things.


To contact Mikaela, email vicechair@nsbehouston.org.