Vice President

Brandon Reid

Brandon Reid is the Vice President for NSBE Houston Professionals. He leads the membership zone and is responsible for gaining and retaining our members!

​​Brandon is a self-employed small business owner who holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Construction Management and Science Engineering degree from Kansas State University.

Brandon works in the Construction industry, having spent 8+ years as a
Construction professional and serving various sections within the construction
industry, be it within energy, gas, health care or telecommunications he is able
to navigate through the world of construction adequately and professionally.
Brandon works for Roofing subcontractor and is also the owner of a waterproofing subcontracting business named Reid’s Estimating and Contracting LLC. Reid’s Estimating and Contracting specializes in Pre-Construction deliverables putting together take-offs for quantity estimation for any size prime and subcontractor. REC provides deliverables for multiple industries of
construction such as commercial, residential and industrial. Clients range from
public to private sectors, health care, government as well as franchises.
Brandon’s goal this year as Vice President is to increase membership, give
opportunities for professional development certifications and hold workshops and events for our members.
Brandon Reid has been a member of NSBE for 3 years at the collegiate level,
the 2020-2021Treasurer, 2021-2022 Vice President. NSBE HP is
important to Brandon because it has created a community of like-minded
people with technical backgrounds.
In his spare time, Brandon is a volunteer firefighter, he also enjoys PC gaming
and fitness.

To contact Brandon email: vicechair@nsbehouston.org